• Learn How to Keep Your Tree Safe from Cicadas in Central Maryland

    Cicadas are here, and homeowners in the Central Maryland area might be worried. Learn how to keep your tree safe.

  • How Trees Survive the Winter

    Trees, much like humans, are aware that winter is coming. And also, much like humans, they prepare for it. Trees survive the winter with help from a number of things. The physical construction of the tree along with some pretty… Read More

  • Why Trees Lose Their Leaves

    Here in Maryland, we get the pleasure of experiencing all four seasons in their glory. But with that comes some considerations when it comes to our landscaping. Seeing as how Nelson tree specialist is just that, a tree specialist, we… Read More

  • Winter Garden in Maryland

    Most people think of gardening as a warm weather activity. But actually, especially here in Maryland where our cold months are milder, you can do a lot of gardening during the winter. Planting your winter garden does not have to… Read More

  • Why to Prune and How

    With all this talk of pruning trees for the winter, it’d be nice for you to know how to identify why to prune your trees and how we’ll do it. Nelson Tree Specialist has been doing this for a long time. We… Read More

  • Winter Landscaping

    Spring is the busy season for landscapers, tree services, and DIYers alike. But why not use the downtime that winter provides and lay the foundation for seasons to come. Just because it’s snowing and the weather is drab does not mean… Read More

  • Choosing Your Winter Firewood

    Fire It Up  ‘Tis the season for hot chocolates, knit sweaters, and snuggling up in front of the fireplace. Enjoy a nice long relaxing evening in front of the fire by making sure you choose the right wood. There are… Read More

  • Certified Arborist: Nelson Tree Specialist

    Not all tree service companies are created equal. At Nelson Tree Specialist, we have International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist on our crew. We know our Maryland and DC customers deserve quality. When a limb falls on your home, when a… Read More

  • Removing a Tree in Winter

    You might be tempted to wait until it’s a bit warmer outside to tackle removing that tree or stump. But believe it or not, early winter is the best time to remove any unwanted and dead trees and stumps. Depending… Read More

  • How to Treat Black Fungus on Trees

    The black fungus or the black knot is a common fungal disease that attacks trees, especially the plum and cherry trees. Black knot disease is easy to identify and diagnose. Trees affected by black fungus gradually appear swollen, hard, and… Read More

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