Tree Trimming

Trimming and pruning are critical services for every tree in your yard, as they ensure the health of your trees, the sustained growth of your trees, and the safety of your home. Only experienced professionals should be handling the trimming. Nelson Tree Specialist is proud to offer comprehensive trimming, pruning, and general care services to all of our Maryland and Washington, DC customers.

The Benefits

Tree trimming has been proven to:

  • Improve the health of the tree being trimmed
  • Add years to the tree’s projected lifespan
  • Let more sunlight in to nourish the undergrowth
  • Reduce the number of diseased, ugly, or hazardous tree limbs
  • Increase your tree’s resistance to insect infestations, pests, and diseases
  • Reduce the likelihood of a branch or tree falling onto your roof or in your yard during a storm

Tree Trimming: Why Do You Need It?

Take a walk around your yard and examine the trees surrounding your property. Are they visibly healthy? How can you tell? A professional tree trimming service always begins with a walk around your yard to identify trees and limbs that are diseased, damaged, or broken. Even if your tree isn’t diseased, a tree with broken branches dangling down and too much canopy growth can detract from the aesthetics of your property.

Once we identify these branches and trees, our experts will discuss whether trimming or removal is the best option for tree health.

Safety is the biggest reason that customers rely on Nelson Tree Specialist. The same branches that should be removed for tree health should also be removed because they are a safety hazard. Dead, damaged, and diseased tree limbs can fall at any moment and cause damage to your yard, your home, or your family.

It doesn’t always take a wind storm to knock them down. Proactive trimming services can prevent any dangerous tree accidents from occurring on your property.

Leave the Tree Trimming to Nelson Tree Specialist

Unfortunately, many residents think that tree trimming is a simple enough task and end up injured, frustrated, and dialing our number an hour later. Trying to trim any tree in your yard can cause damage to yourself, the tree, and the rest of your property.

The professionals at Nelson Tree Specialist have the expertise to ensure that no other trees or parts of your property will be damaged during the trimming and pruning process. Also, we use professional-grade equipment and safety gear. We only employ trained professionals with a great deal of experience.

Commonly, the tree we see that need trimming are those that are/have:

    • near power lines
    • limbs or branches hanging over or touching your home
    • noticeably dead, hanging, or loose branches
    • not been professionally trimmed or pruned in over 3 years
    • require canopy shaping

Tree Services from Nelson Tree Specialists

Nelson Tree Specialist is proud to offer our customers comprehensive tree services including trimming, removal, topping, pruning, and stump grinding. Our experienced workers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, rain or shine.

We serve the Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. metropolitan area and work with both residential and commercial clients. To get a quick response and top-notch tree work, give Nelson Tree Specialist a call today at 301-854-2218 or use our contact form.

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