Tree Removal

While saving a tree and enjoying its beautiful leaves and shade for decades is always our goal, it isn’t always a possibility. Sadly, sometimes it just has to come out. Nelson Tree Specialist has the expertise and experience to remove old trees, dead trees, damaged trees, and diseased trees from both commercial and residential properties. All of our tree removal experts will remove trees from your yard quickly and safely. We also provide stump grinding and stump removal services so that your yard will look brand new once the tree removal is complete.

Do You Need Tree Removal Services?

Sometimes, a tree in need of removal is obvious to both you and tree care professionals. Other times you need a discerning eye to determine whether a tree in your yard is in need of removal, dying, damaged, or diseased. Nelson Tree Specialist can assess the trees in your yard and make recommendations, provide quotes, and complete any services that they require.

Why would a tree need to be removed from your yard? Some of the most common trees we remove are ones that have/are:

  • suffering from a disease that cannot be adequately treated
  • extensive pest or insect damage
  • large external wounds and cracking
  • internal decay (this is hard to detect and should be left to the professionals)
  • damage from a storm and is structurally unstable
  • located too close to your home
  • shallow root systems near any vulnerable parts of your property
  • over 50% damaged, diseased, or decayed

Why Should You Trust Nelson Tree Specialist?

Tree removal is the most dangerous aspect of our job, as trees can be located near hazardous power lines, leaning close to homes, or structurally unsafe. No homeowner should ever attempt to remove a tree on their property. It could be a hazard to their life, their property, the surrounding trees, and even their neighbors.

It’s much easier to leave the task in the hands of professionals than to deal with a tree falling on your home or taking out the powerlines leading into the neighborhood.

Tree removal also typically involves stump grinding or stump removal. We have professional machinery designed to help the process go as smoothly as possible. Removing the stump will ensure that it will not become a tripping hazard in your yard. The tree will not grow back again and that you won’t attract insects with the rotting tree stump.

Tree Removal from Nelson Tree Specialist

Nelson Tree Specialist is proud to offer our customers comprehensive tree services including tree trimming, tree removal, tree topping, tree pruning, and stump grinding. Our experienced workers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, rain or shine.

We serve the Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. metropolitan area and work with both residential and commercial clients. To get a quick response and top-notch tree work, give Nelson Tree Specialist a call today at 301-854-2218 or use our contact form.

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