“Protect Your Trees from the Black Fungus in Maryland with Nelson Tree Specialist Inc.’s Professional Tree Removal Services”

As a tree care experts, We have seen many tree diseases over the years, but the black fungus or Black Knot Fungus that attacks trees in Maryland is a particularly destructive and contagious illness. This fungal disease can affect a wide variety of trees, including oak, maple, and birch, and can quickly spread to other trees in the area.

Black Knot
Black Knot Fungus

The black fungus appears as a dark, slimy substance that grows on the bark and leaves of the tree. It is caused by a fungal infection, which can enter the tree through a wound or opening in the bark. If left untreated, the fungus can weaken the tree’s structure, making it more susceptible to other diseases and pests.

Treatment for the black fungus involves removing the infected parts of the tree and applying a fungicide to prevent further spread. However, in severe cases, it may be necessary to remove the entire tree to prevent the disease from spreading to other trees in the area.

Black fungus, Maryland-Washington, DC, Nelson Tree Specialist
Closeup of a fungus growth on a tree branch.

As a tree care experts, We recommend removing any sick trees as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the black fungus to other trees. Nelson Tree Specialist Inc. offers professional tree removal services that can quickly and safely remove infected trees, ensuring that the disease doesn’t spread to other trees in the area.

Our tree removal services are performed by experienced professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that the job is done efficiently and safely. We also provide stump removal and grinding services, ensuring that there is no trace of the infected tree left behind.

In addition to tree removal, we also offer a variety of tree care services that can help prevent the spread of the black fungus and other diseases. Our team can inspect your trees for signs of disease or pests and recommend a treatment plan to keep them healthy and strong.

Nelson Tree Service Crew
Nelson Tree Service Crew

In conclusion, the black fungus is a serious threat to the health of trees in Maryland, and it is important to take action to prevent its spread. If you suspect that one of your trees is infected, contact Nelson Tree Specialist Inc. for professional tree removal services. Our experienced team can quickly and safely remove infected trees, helping to protect the health and beauty of the surrounding landscape.

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