Dead Tree Removal Services

There are times when you find dead wood (dying or dead tree limbs) lying around on your property. This is a very serious hazard with reference to tree safety and care.

We at Nelson Tree Specialist are truly the specialists in tree care. We use proven safe and highly-efficient dead tree removal techniques.

Why Remove Dead Trees?

When we handle any dead tree wood removal job, you can be assured that highly experienced and expert personnel are handling the job. There are a number of reasons why it’s crucial to remove dead or dying trees from your property, without delay:

The primary reason why deadwood has to be removed from a property is for safety. It’s important to keep your yard or landscaping safe for your kids, pets, visitors & yourself.

Infestations of different kinds thrive in any type of decaying wood. They become a threat to the health of the tree and can lead to the premature death of the tree. In fact, these trees also pose a health hazard to the other trees around them as the infestations can spread to them too.

Removing trees that are structurally unsound can incur very hefty charges and its best to remove them when you first notice they have been affected.

Deadwood removal  helps prevent other problems too – the tree can pose a threat to your neighbor’s property and this can lead to trouble.

We remove all the dead, dying, and diseased wood. We also remove the stubs and broken branches that have been left behind from any previous pruning projects. We’re very thorough in our approach to our work and ensure that your property or you don’t have to face any of these problems.

Process of Dead Tree Removal

If cutting down dead or diseased branches will be sufficient to take care of the issue, we won’t suggest that the entire tree be removed. When you call us, our experts will come over to your property and evaluate the condition of the tree and provide you with a quote. Once you approve, we’ll carry out the job in an efficient and quick manner.

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