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Routine tree care is one of the best thing you can do for your landscaping. Regardless of the size of your garden or yard, the minute you plant a few trees, it adds to the beauty of your property. Large trees are a definite value-add. They lend necessary shade to the smaller plantings in your garden and they do the same for the lawns too. In fact, depending on where they have been planted, they can also provide privacy or act like a boundary wall of sorts.

Trees also help reduce dust pollution and add oxygen to the air around your home. They help maintain more comfortable indoor temperatures when they are installed very close to the larger windows of your house structure. In simple words, trees are an undeniable asset and it’s important you maintain them well.

What We Offer

We at Nelson Tree Specialist are one of the front-running companies in the Tree Care Service industry in Maryland and Washington, DC. The wide range of Tree Care Services we provide are:

  • Tree Removal – At times, some trees on your property grow excessively large. Their roots grow very close to the foundation of your home or some other structure on your property. This is when you may have to consider entirely removing the tree. Sometimes a tree gets uprooted in a storm or it gets a fungal infection and can’t be saved. For this, tree removal becomes the only option.
  • Tree Topping – This is another essential tree care service. Some trees will grow excessively or too densely. This can encourage rot and fungus to take over. For this, we remove the tops of the larger branches or even the entire tops of the trees..
  • Tree Pruning – This helps improve the health of the trees and is a good way to encourage the growth of new branches and leaves.
  • Stump Grinding – It sometimes happens that tree removal personnel remove a damaged, decaying tree, but leave part of the tree stump in the ground. Not only does this look ugly, but it’s dangerous too. We provide excellent stump grinding services and will level off the stump to ground level.

Apart from this, we also inspect trees for decay or damage and handle tree thinning jobs too. For any more information about our tree care services in Maryland, call Nelson Tree Specialist at this number 301-854-2218 and tell us what your requirements are. You can use this form to send us a message or request for an obligation-free quote via this web form. We’ll respond within the shortest possible time.

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