4 Essential Facts About Shade Trees

4 Essential Facts About Shade Trees

A shade tree can give you a break from the summer heat!

We’ve already seen several days with some intense heat here on the East Coast. Spring and summer in Maryland can be a humid and unpleasant time, especially with the sun glaring down as we try to get some yard work done. Are you pestered by insects? Or not drinking enough water? Maybe a shade tree can help.

A Short-Term Solution

Shade trees might not live forever, but for the time being, they make a great short-term solution. If you let the shade tree grow to about 20 feet, they won’t become a rival to other trees that will last longer, meaning your baby trees can survive. You’ll have the benefit of some shade to help protect you and keep the younger trees cool in the blazing heat, too.


The health of your trees is always crucial. It doesn’t matter what type of tree it is. It’s easy to think of shade trees as weak ones, but you still need to take care of them and prune them properly. When you manage the weight of a tree, even shade trees, you can prevent problems such as splitting and cracking. Make sure you’re doing everything to keep your tree healthy, too. You don’t want it dying prematurely. This means you’ll have to inspect the soil, fertilizer, and water that it receives.

Soil and Fertilization

Most of the time, trees get sick when something is wrong with their soil. Using mulch can improve the health of your soil. Also, if your soil is short on nutrients, adding fertilizer can give your soil a boost, which will also help your tree perk up in the summertime heat.

Water Needs

Without enough water, you will start to wilt. The trick is to get enough water to keep you going. This idea applies to trees, too. Make sure that they’re getting the amount of water they need. Too little and they’ll dry out, too much, and your shade trees will drown.

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