How to Help Your Tree Roots Recover

How to Help Your Tree Roots Recover

Tree root health is crucial to the overall health of the tree.

Have you been worried about the health of the trees in your yard? Something could be wrong with their roots. Luckily, there are some simple ways to help your tree roots recover more quickly.

Call An Arborist

Before you do anything else, it’s crucial that consult some tree care professionals. Arborists have been trained in how best to make sure your tree remains healthy and strong for years to come, and that goes for the tree roots too. The arborist can also help you figure out if your tree is still healthy enough to save – a tree that is too sick should be allowed to die so it can be removed and won’t present a hazard to anyone – you, your family, or your pets included!

Fix Compaction Damage

The main problem affecting your tree roots could be compaction. Compaction happens when the soil under your tree becomes too thick so that it basically suffocates your tree roots. Ask your arborist what can be done to stop the compaction getting worse – any compaction needs to be cleared up before we can start saving your tree roots. A special kind of shovel called a pneumatic spade can help break up compacted soil using specially formulated air.

Watch the Roots

Last but not least, be sure to watch what happens to your tree roots. Any damage to the roots will damage your tree too. Think about what happens when the roots of your teeth or roots of your hair decay – it’s pretty close to what happens when the roots of your tree decay, and it’s not pretty. When you notice dead wood accumulating your tree, it’s time to remove it before the dead tree starts to affect the overall health of your tree. Make sure your trees are getting enough nutrients – mulch can help!

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