When is a Tree Crane Necessary?

Do I need a tree crane when performing tree maintenance, safety is always a primary concern. Though not necessary for every removal, tree cranes are used in situations where traditional tree removal practices would be unsafe or create additional hazards for the arborist(s), homeowner(s), or the property. Let’s take a look at a few scenarios when a crane is necessary, and why tree removal experts trust in this technique.

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Utilizing Cranes for Tree Maintenance

Though most crane services needed for trees are for the purpose of removal, there are also times when proper tree maintenance isn’t possible unless a crane is utilized. For tall trees that need pruning, a crane can not only lift the arborist to the height of the canopy, but also provide a place for cut limbs to fall safely. Additionally, using a crane can be useful for tall tree inspections so that professionals can better assess the overall health and structural integrity of the tree despite its height.

Utilizing Cranes for Tree Removal

When surveying a tree and the land surrounding it, professional arborists take many factors into consideration when deciding whether a tree crane will be necessary for removal. In general, a crane is used for the purpose of preventing further hazards or damage than that which the tree is already causing or has the potential to cause. Crane-assisted tree removal is most often the safest and most effective solution when:

  • A tree is weak and leaning dangerously close to a home or commercial building.
  • A tree is too tall to perform felling from the ground.
  • A tree is near or has grown tangled in electrical cables and wiring.
  • A tree is severely decayed or diseased.
  • A tree has fallen (due to age, weakness, disease, or storm) on top of or against a home or other large structure.

Looking for Tree Removal Services in MD?

At Nelson Tree Specialist, we are dedicated to providing Maryland homeowners with the professional tree removal and maintenance services they need to keep their properties safe and beautiful. If you believe a tree on your property has become a danger to your home, landscape, or your loved ones, we’re here to help. For more information on our safe tree crane services or to schedule tree maintenance, contact us today.

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