Choosing a Tree for Your Tree Swing

Choosing a Tree for Your Tree Swing

A tree swing can be lots of fun!

The humble tree swing is one of the best options for outdoor, low-tech entertainment. Children and adults alike enjoy kicking off their shoes and enjoying the simple pleasure of the swing. To get the most out of your experience, here are some tips for choosing a tree for your tree swing.

Tree Type and Maintenance

One of the most important factors for choosing the right tree for your swing is its type. Some trees and better for swings than others. Oak and sycamore trees are the most reliable and structurally sound for hosting your swing. Try to avoid willow, spruce, or poplar trees. Furthermore, the size and health of the tree are equally as important as the species. Make sure that your tree choice is completely healthy and free of any diseases that would compromise its strength and integrity.


Choose a tree that has ample space around it. It shouldn’t be too close to other structures like your house, outdoor furniture, shed, or the street. This space will give you enough room to safeguard against collisions. It will also ensure that you have enough space to fully and safely swing. Also, clear that area or rocks and other debris that could cause injury in the event of a fall. The ideal amount of clearance is 12 feet in the front and 10 feet behind the swing.

Landing Zone

Make sure that the landing zone around the tree swing is level and clear. The tree itself should not be located on a sloped surface or hill. In case someone falls from the swing, they’ll have an even and clear area on which to land. To further cushion the fall, many people also opt to place mulch, grass, and wood chips in the landing zone.

High Canopy

Trees that have a high canopy are the best option for tree swings. This allows you to hand the swing from one branch without others interfering. String, thick, round, and high limbs that are at least seven feet above the ground are the best hosts for tree swings.

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