Tree Removal 101: The Preparation Phase

Whether you have an unsightly old tree in your yard that’s lowering your home’s curb appeal or you’re looking to make your outdoor living area more spacious and functional, tree removal can be an effective solution.

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Are you considering attempting to take care of your unwanted tree yourself? Take a look at a basic overview of the preparation phase of the removal process before you grab your handsaw and head to the backyard. What you might find is that this is one job better left to the pros.

Clear the Area Before Tree Removal

It’s important to clear the area surrounding the tree to be removed. There should be enough empty space for the tree to fall safely in any direction without resulting in any damage. If you can’t measure the exact height of the tree, make a good estimate and clear everything possible from the immediate area. 

Determine the Falling Direction

Sometimes, the direction in which your tree will fall can be determined by observing its natural lean. Although this may help you get a better idea of where to begin cutting, it’s vital to remember that a common result of DIY removal is damage caused by the tree falling in an unexpected direction. 

Get Tools & Equipment

Small trees can be removed with a standard handsaw. Larger trees with a diameter of over 12 inches often require more power. Assess the current tools you have available, and note that proper and safe tree removal isn’t guaranteed with basic tools. You may be able to rent or purchase heavy-duty equipment capable of removing your tree, but without the right training and expertise in removal, you may not end up with the final result you desire. 

Call the Maryland Tree Removal Experts

At Nelson Tree Specialist, we’ve been helping Maryland residents with all of their tree removal needs for many years. Although DIY removal can be done, it’s better to get help from a professional and certified arborist in order to avoid personal injury and damage to your home.

Our experts have perfected the removal process to ensure the safety of you, your landscape, your home, and themselves, and are equipped with the professional tools that efficient Maryland tree removal necessitates. Give us a call to learn more about our tree maintenance and specialty arborist services today.

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