Trees That Kill: What You Should Never Plant in Your Yard


Structural integrity is literally life-saving when it comes to trees. Some of America’s most beloved trees are just waiting to cause damage and injury.

Living in and around D.C., you may already know a few trees that should never be grown in this climate.  A palm tree, for example, is meant for warmer areas, and won’t survive our harsh winters.  But did you know there’s a much more serious reason why you should be careful of the trees you plant?  Structural integrity is literally life-saving when it comes to trees.  Some of America’s most beloved trees are just waiting to cause damage and injury.  With hurricane season on its way, check out this list and make sure you aren’t at risk.

Dangerous Trees


Here is a list of some of the trees with poor structure:



  • Silver Maple: It grow so fast, that the bark is brittle and causes branches to break off.  Not to mention, the root system can be intrusive and crack concrete and foundations.
  • Willow: Though it’s an American favorite due to its distinctive shape, its wood is weak and cracks easily.  It also only lives about 30 years, anyway.
  • Eucalyptus: We’ve imported this popular species from Australia, but its resin is so heavy that it frequently breaks and can cause injury.
  • Bradford Pear: You know these trees for their distinctive foul scent during the Spring.  If that isn’t enough reason to avoid them, their branches are also very prone to snapping and falling.
  • Sweet Gum: These are the trees that produce those spiky seeds, otherwise known as Monkey Balls or Sweet Gum Balls.  When these seeds fall, they can cause injury to pets and children.
  • Honey Locust: They grow so fast that it’s hard to keep track of their height and spread.  You may also end up with a thorny species, which is never a safe bet.



Read more about less-than favorable trees here.


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