3 Products You Would Never Believe Come From Trees

Trees are an important part of the ecosystem, but they are also vital to our economy.

We all know that apples grow on trees.  So do peaches, coconuts, and a lot of other fruits.  We know that paper comes from trees, that we use wood for lumber, and that trees provide plenty of other products for us to use.  Trees are an important part of the ecosystem, but they are also vital to our economy.  Almost everything can be traced back to a tree in some way.  But there are a few products in particular that come from trees which may surprise you.

  1. Ethyl Alcohol


A process called wood hydrolysis is responsible for this. It’s when wood is superheated with water and other catalysts to form byproducts.  There are several other products that come from wood hydrolysis, including glucose, synthetic rubber, and yeast.  So, without trees, you would never be able to enjoy that cold beer!


  1. Photo Film


Pulping is a result of wood processing.  It’s essentially the sawdust that comes off of lower quality tinder.  Pulp mills will take the action and create byproducts with the pulp.  Of the different kinds of pulp, dissolving pulp is what makes photo film.  It also makes a variety of plastics, as well as cellophane.  Pulping also produces paper products that don’t “feel” like they’re from nature, such as wrapping paper or tissues.


  1. Shampoo


Cheaper and widely accessible shampoos are made with a paper making byproduct called sodium lauryl sulfate.  The chemical is also used in soaps and shaving creams.  It makes them foam and bubble, which is actually a necessity when it comes to lathering the product.  If you try to wash your hair with shampoo that doesn’t foam, it won’t spread as well or absorb into the hair.  Think about trees the next time you use your favorite shower gel.


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