Happy Arbor Day from Nelson Tree Specialist!

Arbor Day Celebration

Arbor Day was created to highlight the importance of planting new trees!

Today is Arbor Day in the United States! Arbor Day is an annual celebration of the role trees play in our everyday lives and promotes tree planting and care. While tree planting ceremonies have been a part of civilization since ancient times, our modern Arbor Day holiday began in 1872 in the state of Nebraska. Today we’re going to discuss the history behind Arbor Day – we hope it encourages you to get out there and plant some trees later!

The First Arbor Day

The idea for a day set aside to plant trees originated with J. Sterling Morton, who was one of the original pioneers that moved into the Nebraska territory in 1854. Morton was originally from Detroit and a great lover of nature, planting trees, shrubs, and flowers on his property in Nebraska City. He was a journalist who eventually became the editor of Nebraska’s first newspaper. Given this mouthpiece, he decided to spread his enthusiasm for trees to his audience.

At that time, Nebraska was a treeless plain, so Morton decided to encourage everyone to set aside one day of the year to dedicate to planting trees. Finally, in 1872, the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture adopted a resolution that declared April 10th Arbor Day, as well as offering prizes to counties and individuals who planted the most trees on that day. More than one million trees were planted on that first Arbor Day in Nebraska!

The Holiday Spreads

Shortly after Nebraska’s declaration, other states began to pass legislation to observe Arbor Day. By 1920, there were more than 45 states and territories that officially observed Arbor Day, and nowadays all 50 states celebrate Arbor Day on the final Friday of April!

Arbor Day Around the World

Similarly themed holidays exist all over the world dedicated to promoting tree planting. South Korea, for example, celebrates Tree-Loving Week, and Arbor Day (Sikmogil) was a public holiday until 2005. Nations in the former Yugoslavia celebrate two days dedicated to trees – one in the spring and one in the fall. Japan celebrates Greenery Day (Midori no Hi) on May 4th as part of the Golden Week holiday season every year!

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For more awesome information about Arbor Day, check out the National Arbor Day Foundation website here!

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