Common Spring Tree Problems to Keep an Eye on

Spring Tree Problems

Don’t let spring tree problems rob your trees of their beauty. Learn how to recognize pests and diseases below.

We’ve been enjoying watching the trees grow so far this spring! Unfortunately, after a long mid-Atlantic winter, some trees in the area could be susceptible to unwanted pests and diseases. If one or more of your trees are looking a little worse for the wear this spring, there’s no need to panic. Being proactive about the care of your trees can keep them from developing spring tree problems. Here are some of those common spring tree problems that you should be keeping an eye out for.

Tree Leaves Turning Brown

Spring is meant to be a season of green, so it can be a little disorienting to find a tree whose leaves are turning brown during the growing season. If the leaves are browning at the veins as they start budding, this could be a sign of the fungal disease anthracnose, which thrives during cool, wet spring weather. Specialized treatment may be necessary to save the tree, so contact a professional arborist like Nelson Tree Specialist as soon as possible to have this problem remedied.

Sticky Substance on Leaves

The carbohydrates present in sap and leaves are very appetizing for hungry aphids. Once they’ve eaten away at the trees, they leave behind a sticky residue known as honeydew, curl the leaves of the tree, and attract black mold fungi. There are many different types of aphids out there depending on the region you live in, so treatment options will have to be tailored to your region. Ask your arborist for more details.

Scale Insects

Apart from aphids, there’s another pest that can cause spring tree problems. Scale insects leave the same territorial mark but are smaller and more destructive. They clump together, creating colorful spots on bark, needles, and leaves. Insecticide treatment will be able to take care of this problem and help to strengthen your tree before the demanding summer season.

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