A Guide to the Top 10 Most Popular Live Holiday Trees

A Guide to the Top 10 Most Popular Live Holiday Trees

Did you know that there are different types of holiday trees?

Did you know that all holiday trees aren’t the same? There are a variety of options available to choose from to celebrate the holidays. Many people choose artificial trees because they last for many years, but a lot of families enjoy the smell and atmosphere that having real trees adds to the season. Follow this guide to pick out the perfect holiday tree for your home.

Balsam Fir

The balsam fir is a classic choice that is strong with dark color. This tree often provides that perfect Christmas tree shape and will fill up the space with a sensational holiday smell. Because the branches can be flexible, choose lightweight ornaments to decorate with.

Douglas Fir

You can find a douglas fir tree practically anywhere. They are known for the bright color, soft feel, and sweet scent. These trees are often shorter and therefore, work better for smaller spaces.

Fraser Fir

Sturdy limbs and dark green needles that stay on the tree are both characteristics that describe the fraser fir. Hang heavy ornaments on its limbs.

Noble Fir

The noble fir provides a classic look and fragrant smell. The limbs and needles are short, and lasts all season.

White/Concolor Fir

The white/concolor fir can be expensive, but the needles are known to be soft and long-lasting. You’ll notice a smell of citrus and a blue-green color.

Blue Spruce

A symmetrical shape and strong branches are the top characteristics of the blue spruce. The needles have a blue-silver color that can be a little sharp and emit an unpleasant smell if broken.

Norway Spruce

The Norway spruce offers a mild scent and cone-like shape. The needles have a forest-green color and fall off easily.

White/Black Hills Spruce

You can hold heavy ornaments on the white or black hills spruce. The needles have a gray-green color but emit an unpleasant smell if crushed.

Scotch Pine

One of the most popular and well-known trees on this list is the scotch pine. They needles stay on the tree well and many people enjoy the long-lasting pine smell.

White Pine

The white pine is a soft tree, affordable, and great for people with allergies. Use light ornaments and water it frequently.


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