4 of the Coolest Facts You Didn’t Know About Trees

Tree Facts

Did you know these amazing facts about trees?

We are surrounded by trees every day, at home, on the drive to the office, and on evening jogs through the neighborhood. However, many facts about trees would surprise you! Here are four of the coolest facts you didn’t know about trees.

Trees Help Wildlife

Okay, you might not initially be surprised by this fact, as many people realize that trees and wildlife go hand in hand. But, did you know that a single tree can support hundreds of different species? The common English Oak tree can support an amazing 284 species of insect and 324 species, subspecies, and varieties of lichens that live on the surface of the tree.

Get Un-Lost

Trees can help you when you are trying to find your way in the woods. In northern temperate climates, like where we live, moss grows on the northern side of the tree trunk only. If there are any cut trees near where you are, look at the rings of the tree. The rings will be marginally thicker on the southern side of the tree. The opposite is true for both in the southern part of the world.

Save Some Cash

Many people already know that trees can raise property values, but did you realize that trees can also help you save every month on your heating and cooling bills? Trees can reduce your summer air conditioning costs by as much as 30% and your winter heating costs by as much as 20-50%. The bigger the tree, the greater the savings!

Trees Are Trained in Self-Defense

Trees seem pretty stationary, but they are incredibly well-trained in the art of self-defense. If they start to get attacked by insects, trees will flood their leaves with chemicals that impede the growth of pests and that taste bad. Trees will also signal to trees around them that they are being attacked to allow them time to prepare.

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