3 Things to Do to Prepare Your Trees for Spring

Spring Tree Maintenance

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Though it may not feel like it, we’re only a few weeks away from spring. This means that the dormant season for trees is fast approaching its end. Have you taken care of your trees this winter? There are a few things you ought to do now in order to prepare them for proper growth in the spring.

1. Pruning

Although your trees are inactive right now, it is still the best time of the year to do any pruning that may be required. Dormant pruning leaves less of an impact on your landscape. Because there are no leaves on the tree, you are able to achieve a much more precise prune. In addition, the spring is a great time to allow the wounds of pruning to heal. If there are any more snow storms between now and March, proper pruning will help prevent snow and ice damage to your trees.

2. Visual Inspection

Take the time to visually inspect your trees from bottom to top. Make special note of any damage that may have resulted from the winter conditions such as rock salt damage. The wear and tear of the dormant season may have also worsened any existing damage to the trees. Also, keep an eye out for any signs of damaging pests or diseases. The spring is a perfect time to treat these problems, so better to identify them and plan now than wait until it’s too late.

3. Removing Dead Trees

Dead or diseased limbs and branches can pose a grave risk to your family and your property. A skilled and experienced arborist can diagnose any problems on this front, as well as identify whether a tree ought to be removed entirely. A tree might have a disease that could spread to the rest of the trees on your property which may require its removal in order to save the others.

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