The Environmental Benefits of Trees

You probably learned back in grade school that trees are an essential part of our environment, but do you know all of the ways they benefit the other forms of life on our planet? Here are some great examples of the environmental benefits of trees and how they help keep Earth safe:

Environmental Benefits of Trees
  1. Water & Oxygen: A single tree can produce over 250 lbs. of oxygen every year, and an acre of maple trees offers nearly 20,000 gallons of water to the Earth’s atmosphere every day.
  2. Noise Reduction. Groups of trees are capable of masking noise from cities and urban areas. This allows for a quieter atmosphere and provide calmer environments for wildlife to peacefully live.
  3. Pollution Control. Trees improve the quality of outdoor air by trapping and filtering harmful pollutants like sulfur dioxide, ozone, and dust.
  4. CO2 Reduction. A person exhales nearly ten tons of carbon dioxide each year. One tree can remove a single ton of CO2 in the same time, keeping the chemical compound from overwhelming and harming our environment.
  5. Lower Energy Use. Another environmental benefits of trees is that they offer significant shade and when planted strategically around a home can reduce the need to use air conditioning systems by 30% during the summer season.

Does Removing a Tree Harm the Environment?

Planting trees and keeping them thriving and healthy is essential to the environment. This isn’t to say, however, that removing a tree is counterproductive to keeping our planet and atmosphere safe. When a tree in your yard is dead, diseased, or in danger of falling, the best course of action may be to have the tree removed by a professional arborist. Once a tree has been cut down, there are plenty of ways the wood can be reused or ‘upcycled’ to create something new.

Expert Tree Maintenance and Removal Services

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