It’s Spring! Why Are Tree Leaves Still Falling?

It’s Spring! Why Are Tree Leaves Still Falling?

Now that spring is here you might be looking forward to seeing your trees start blooming again.

Now that spring is here you might be looking forward to seeing your trees start blooming again. But there’s only one problem: the leaves that are growing keep falling off. Let’s find out why this might be happening.

Spring Leaf Drop

You might not expect spring leaf drop to be a problem. But it is and it’s usually caused by an infection of some sort. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your trees are healthy no matter what time of year it is. Some types of trees will still have leaves throughout the fall and winter and into the spring. But if you’re unsure of your tree’s health, you can inspect the fallen leaves. If they are brown and curly that means they are sick.

Trees That Naturally Shed

Your tree could be perfectly healthy. There are several trees that won’t drop their leaves until prompted by the warmth of spring. These are:

  1. Hackberry
  2. Hickory
  3. Holly
  4. Living oaks
  5. Southern magnolia

And now, let’s turn our attention to what happens if you don’t have any of these trees.

But I Don’t Have Those Trees!

Chances are that the disease your tree has is one called anthracnose. This term is the word used to categorize a variety of fungal infections that can damage your tree. If you have an ash tree, can be affected by this condition as well.

What’s the Treatment?

Fortunately, this disease is easy to treat. If you wait, you’ll see that it’ll go away on its own. Another round of healthy leaves will eventually show. Just give it until the start of the summer and everything should be fine. Until then, you should identify the signs of the disease and prune any branches or limbs that are affected. Also, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Nelson Tree Care for more assistance!

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