Can You Heal a Tree by Cutting Off Dead Branches?

Can You Heal a Tree by Cutting Off Dead Branches?

So, if your tree is sick or dying, can you help it get better by cutting any dead branches?

In the fall, it’s no surprise to see leaves falling off of trees, quietly gathering into puddles which will soon be raked into glorious piles perfect for jumping into. But what happens if the trees themselves are dying too? Winter means hibernation for many creatures, and it’s easy to forget that trees are alive, too. So, if your tree is sick or dying, can you help it get better by cutting any dead branches? Let’s find out. 


When tree branches die, they literally become dead weight. Useless weight on a tree isn’t just a metaphor. It literally becomes known as deadwood. During the next fall storm, this deadwood could be snapped off and go flying into your front window. When you decide to prune your tree, you decrease the chances of this happening. It’s also important to constantly check on the overall health of your tree, to make sure that it’s still healthy and happy. When you take better care of your tree, it will also take better care of you.


Give your tree a few years to settle in once it’s been planted. However, while it’s still young, it could do with some trimming. This early trimming will help it adjust to regular preventative maintenance. Pruning at such an early stage will actually help you tree grow stronger. As the tree gets older, have an arborist come check on the tree and give it a haircut – opening up the canopy to let in more air and light, both of which nourish the tree.


You may know that bonsai trees thrive when trimmed. In fact, trimming bonsai trees has evolved into its own artform. Helping your tree look as beautiful as possible improves your curb appeal. Pruning is also an excellent way to care for fruit trees, since it encourages a larger yield of sweeter-tasting fruit!

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