3 Benefits of Trees in Cities


Savannah has a lot of tree-lined streets. What are the benefits of trees in cities?

Trees really are one of the most amazing things in our world. They provide us some of the products we use in our everyday life and give us our breathing air. Urban areas are seeing renewed efforts to plant more trees because of the myriad benefits we get from them. Here are three benefits of trees in cities that you may not have known.

Trees in Cities Help with the Healing Process

Most people know that fresh air and the smell of plants of flowers are somehow good for us. However, research has shown that looking upon a garden can actually help us heal from surgery and infections. It can reduce stress levels and boost the immune system to speed up the healing process.

Levels of Violence are Reduced

This benefit of trees in cities follows from the first. Stress levels and feelings of negativity have been shown in studies to be reduced when people are exposed to green spaces. This also helps reduce aggression levels and promote peaceful living. In addition, trees help bring people to form a closer community by encouraging them to go outside, indirectly increasing community surveillance and discouraging criminal activity. Also, people who live close to trees suffer lower rates of domestic abuse than those who live in barren areas.

Urban Economies Experience a Boost

Everyone knows a good collection of trees is wonderful to look at. But trees can also increase retail sales and add value to homes. Shoppers rate commercial spaces with trees as more attractive than those with a sparse concrete jungle, and those shoppers tend to spend more time in the greener retail areas. Finally, a tree-lined street often slows down traffic, indirectly allowing passers-by more time to look into store fronts.

Trees are pretty amazing, don’t you think?

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