Common Causes of Sick or Dying Trees

Why Your Trees Die

You always expect your trees to live for decades, and maybe even outlast you if you take good enough care of them.

You always expect your trees to live for decades, and maybe even outlast you if you take good enough care of them. Still, that doesn’t guarantee they’ll survive. Here are a few reasons why trees eventually wither and die.

Stormy Weather

Maryland weather is already well-known for how vicious it can be, especially during the summer. Summer thunderstorms can wreck your trees, and damage them to the point where they can’t be saved. Wind can tear tree limbs off and rain can drown the roots. After a storm has come and gone, you should inspect each and every tree around your home to make sure that they survived. If anything is wrong with them, then it’s time to call the professionals for some assistance, especially if all that’s left is a lonely tree stump.

Tree Diseases

Tree diseases are less noticeable than outward physical damage, at least at first. Even so, that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. Instead, you could argue that makes them even more dangerous since you can’t always spot the signs and symptoms that your tree is already sick. Look at the bark, the leaves, and the trunk. If you see mushrooms or other fungi growing around your tree, it could indicate that a disease has infected your tree. Likewise, if the bark is thinning or entirely gone, it’s another warning that something is wrong.  


Giving your tree too much water can be just as problematic as not watering it enough. Make sure you understand how much water your tree really needs. Different tree varieties have different care needs. For instance, your fruit tree could need more water than your dogwood.

Pruning Problems

Pruning your tree is also important for your tree’s overall health. However, if you do it wrong, you run the risk of harming your tree, even by accident. Unless you know what you’re doing, it’s for the best if you leave this task to the specialist.

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