What is Arbor Day?

Arbor Day is coming up this week on April 24th, and as professional tree care and maintenance specialists, we wanted to share what this day celebrates and why it’s so important.

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The History of Arbor Day

Arbor Day is a cultural holiday typically observed in the spring season in which people are encouraged to plant trees. During the first Arbor Day celebration in America in 1872, it is estimated that one million trees were planted in the state of Nebraska.

J. Sterling Morton, a newspaper editor-turned-politician, purchased around 160 acres of Nebraska territory in 1855. He indulged his fascination with trees by planting rare species throughout the land. Morton went on to establish America’s first Arbor Day in 1872. After becoming well known for his agricultural, literary, and political activities, he was appointed the United States Secretary of Agriculture under President Grover Cleveland.

By the 1920’s, each state in the U.S. had passed laws to observe Arbor Day once every year. Over the decades, celebrations have included festivals, planting trees, maintaining and caring for trees, and educating people about the importance of this incredible life form.

Why Trees are So Important

As the longest-living species on Earth, trees provide much more than just a shady place to rest on a warm summer day. Here are just some of the reasons that keeping trees healthy and abundant is so vital:

  • Trees have health benefits. Tree canopies act as a filter by absorbing pollutants and trapping dust from the air. In addition to air pollution, trees also reduce noise pollution and protect us from solar radiation.
  • Trees benefit our environment. Trees absorb CO2 and reduce the effects of global warming. They also absorb storm water which helps prevent flooding, soil erosion, and water pollution.
  • Trees provide for wildlife. Trees provide shelter and habitats for many species of insects, birds, and fungi. They also produce leaves and vegetation that are food for many wildlife creatures.
  • Trees help grow our economy. With people of the world becoming more “green” and environmentally-conscious, homes in areas with an abundance of trees are highly sought-after, and businesses see better productivity from their employees when they are located near trees and parks.
  • Trees strengthen the community. Trees are often used as educational resources for students of all ages. They also bring people in the community together for group activities like bird-watching and nature walks.

With growing urban development, more and more of Earth’s trees are being removed to make room for residential and commercial buildings. In order to protect the future of our planet, it’s essential for existing trees to be cared for and new trees to be planted so that we can sustain this valuable resource.

Get Professional Tree Maintenance this Arbor Day

Planting new trees is a long-time tradition in celebrating Arbor Day across the U.S. Maintaining your established trees is just as important to the environment. If you need expert tree service in Maryland, look to the certified arborists at Nelson Tree Specialist. We’re dedicated to providing residents throughout the state with tree trimming, pruning, inspecting, and additional arborist services. Give us a call today to get started with better maintaining your trees.

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