Removing a Tree in Winter

You might be tempted to wait until it’s a bit warmer outside to tackle removing that tree or stump. But believe it or not, early winter is the best time to remove any unwanted and dead trees and stumps. Depending on the size and age, removing a tree in winter can be an ordeal for a DIYer.

Nelson Tree Specialist can remove your unwanted trees and stumps and amend your soil so your grass comes back in the Spring.

How Do Trees Get Through Winter?

But why winter? There are a few reasons doing this before spring is best. Here’s our top 3:

Safety First – Deadwood is Dangerous

When a tree dies, the limbs become a hazard. They become weak and brittle and the tree has no means of holding onto them. Add to that the weight of ice, snow, and the force of high winds, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster. There are more downed limbs in Winter than any other month.

You also run the risk of the tree being uprooted in early spring. As the ground thaws and the snow melts, the ground becomes soft. A weak root system of a dead tree is likely to let loose, resulting in the tree falling. Get your dead tree removed before that happens.

Maintain Proper Lawn Health

heat island effect

A dead tree or stump will change the pH levels of the immediately surrounding soil. Generally, after a stump is removed, the ground will be too acidic for new grass to sprout. This will eventually correct itself, but it could take over a year. You might try putting grass seed down immediately following the removal, but it is doubtful it will grow.

The best way to get your lawn healthy and ready for grass for the spring is to get your soil’s pH level tested. If your soil is testing as acidic, it can be amended with lime to balance it out. Some type of trees, like varieties of pine, produce more acid. It is best to add lime incrementally, waiting a few days, and testing the soil until you’ve reached the proper balance. Nitrogen-rich fertilizers can also be used to promote grass growth.

Also, make sure as much of the old tree is gone as possible. Anything left behind can rot, grow fungus, and leach necessary nutrients back out of the soil and from surrounding plants.

An Abandoned Stump May Sprout Growth

stump grinder

Oftentimes, when a tree is felled and the stump is left, life finds a way. New growth may appear around the stump or even from the existing roots from the old tree. Maryland’s Sweetgums are notorious for this.

With the main tree is gone but the root system still absorbing nutrients, the tree uses the nutrients to sprout the new growth wherever it can.

It’s best to finish the job now before you have a whole new problem on your hand. You can find new growth indefinitely after a stump is grinded down. So, make sure it ‘s all gone.

Let Nelson Tree Specialist Remove it for You

We have the equipment, the crew, and the experience to get this project done right. Nelson has cranes, material handlers, bucket trucks, chippers, and a courageous crew willing to take down your dead tree the safest way possible.

Call us now and get your deadwood taken care of this Winter.

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