6 Signs That Your Tree Might Be Diseased

Diseased trees can post a dangerous threat to your family and your home, as they become weakened and can fall when you’re not expecting it. Take a look at these common warning signs you’re dealing with a deceased tree and be better prepared for what to do if you notice them in your yard.

Deceased Tree Sign #1: Discolored Leaves

Leaves will change colors in the fall, which is normal, but if you notice green leaves turning yellow or brown during the spring or summer months, it can be a sign of root rot.

Sign #2: Hoof-Shaped Growths

A common type of fungus seen on Maple, Cherry, and Hickory trees appears as a hard, grey growth that looks similar to an animal’s hoof. This fungus must be fully removed or else it will continue to grow and spread.

Sign #3: Shelves at the Tree’s Base

A particular type of fungus that commonly affects Oak trees can be identified in trees with stunted branch growth, but another way this fungus shows its presence is through the growth of brown-colored shelves along the base of the tree. Trees infected with this fungus are at risk of falling soon after warning signs are visible.

Sign #4: Fluid Seepage

If your tree has slime-like fluid pooling at its base or seeping from the bark causing dark, streaking lines on the tree, there’s a decent chance it could be diseased. 

Sign #5: Mildew

Powdery mildew that initially forms as small white spots on your tree’s leaves is a sign of disease and often develops later in the year after periods of high humidity. The disease that causes this mildew can also distort the shape of the leaves and stunt tree growth. 

Sign #6: Peeling Bark

Bark exists to protect the trees core and keep it healthy, and bark being removed or falling off of the tree can leave it exposed to wood-boring insects and harmful elements. If you see large pieces of bark missing from your tree, call a professional to find the cause before the tree loses the essential nutrients it needs to be healthy. 

My Tree is Showing Warning Signs. What Now?

If you notice any of the above symptoms on the trees in your yard, call the professionals at Nelson Tree Specialists. We are able to determine the stage of disease your tree is in and recommend a remedy or safe removal in order to keep your yard looking as green and lively as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our tree maintenance and removal services.

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