What Does a Tree Doctor Do?

Tree doctors, also known as arborists, study and maintain trees. They have a specific and highly developed understanding not only of tree diseases, but also of how trees are best cultivated. Now, if you have trees on your property, you may think to yourself, “Why would I need a tree doctor? Trees are natural and they can take care of themselves.” Well, you may be right in some respects, but not in all. Let’s take a look at what a tree doctor can do for you and your trees.

They Address Sick Trees

Like all living things, trees can get diseases. These diseases range wildly from killing the tree to hurting its appearance. Though you may not worry about one sick tree, diseases can spread and before you know it, the entire grove can fall victim to serious issues. Whether these trees are at your house or on your commercial property, the overall aesthetic of your space can be seriously harmed by tree disease.

They Remove Dead Trees

Dead trees are more than just unsightly. They can actually be pretty dangerous for the people and property around them. Unlike healthy trees, dead trees can grow brittle and weak with time and fall. A falling tree is serious business and it can damage your home, power lines, or even cause injuries to people. Removing dead trees is essential, else you may face some serious personal injury lawsuits. After all, if someone gets hurt on a property that you own, they can pursue damages; things can get pretty serious.

They Advise You On How to Grow Amazing Trees

Whether you’re dealing with native trees or exotics, helping them to grow properly is often more complicated than it seems. You have to know the soil, pruning techniques, how the sun affects a variety of trees, and much more. Even if you’re comfortable with flowers or maintaining your lawn, trees can pose a variety of new and different challenges.

Nelson Tree is Your Tree Doctor

If you have trees on your property, then we can help you help them. We will ensure that your native or exotic trees are well cared for with expert pruning and specialist advice. We can even help to diagnose and cure them, if need be. For all of your tree-related needs, look no further than Nelson Tree Specialist. Contact us today to get started.

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