Keeping Critters Away From Your Trees!

Though squirrels, rabbits, and deer may be cute from afar, they can wreak havoc on your trees and other plants in your yard. Though some people who choose to use harmful chemicals and lethal methods on these critters, there are ways of deterring them from your plants that don’t hurt the animals and won’t harm your environment. So, let’s take a look at a few ways you can do this.

A squirrel clinging to a tree

Remove the Incentives.

Wild animals are concerned primarily with one thing: Survival. To survive effectively, they’re going to need food and shelter. Trees can provide both of these elements, which makes themĀ  particularly attractive to various woodland creatures. However, things like unattended wood piles, unsecured trash cans, and easily accessible entry ways into your home should be addressed. By addressing these additional incentives, you will make your property less desirable overall for critters of all kinds.

Put Up Barriers.

Fences will help to deter larger critters like deer from approaching your trees and destroying them. Bucks also like to rub their antlers on trees, which will damage the bark and can lead to other issues down the line. By putting a fence around the perimeter of your property, deer are more likely to avoid your trees because they won’t be able to just stroll up and utilize them. If you’re having trouble with animals getting to the fruit on your fruit trees, there is netting available to protect them until you’re ready to harvest.

Remove and relocate the critters.

There are many ways to humanely trap and relocate animals of all sorts from squirrels to raccoons. For the most part, trees in the wild are where animals live and find food, so it’s only natural that they will want to use your trees to further their own survival. However, the damage they can do is less than ideal. To remove and relocate the troublesome animals, you can either call in a professional or your can use live traps. As long as the traps have some bait in them, you should be able to capture your problematic pests and release them elsewhere. However, it is highly recommended that you call in a team of professionals to handle this as wild animals can carry disease and can injure you.

Need Help Reversing the Damage Done by Critters?

If your trees have been put through the ringer by woodland creatures, we can help restore them to their former glory. Our expert arborists can prune off dead branches and help your tree regrow damaged portions, among other helpful procedures. We’re here to make your trees more vibrant than ever, so contact us with your tree-related troubles.


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